BaddBop (Prog Rock/Jazz Fusion)

BaddBop is a high energy trio from the Durham, NC area that plays improvised rock reminiscient of the Jazz Fusion bands of the 70's, mixed with a funky electronic edge that brings it into the 21st century. Brad Newell (guitar & Vocals), Tony Venturini (bass guitar), and Larry Lee (Electronic drums), have years of experience performing in many different genres of music, and have played with or shared the stage with such artists as George Benson, Barry Manilow, Dennis DeYoung, Adrian Belew, Burning Spear, Mylon Lefevre, Mike Metheny and many others.
Besides their original material, BaddBop also plays a wide selection of well known songs that can instantly connect with any audience.  

For further info, feel free to get in touch with Brad Newell at:

(919 937-7303) or click here

Tony Venturini

Larry Lee

Brad Newell